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Oboewan - all messages by user

10/21/2009 1:33:41 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. Jerry,
I think that may just be because John's been on vacation and hasn't updated it from the game day he wasn't even at
10/21/2009 1:34:53 PM
Love the Game Days Section Was that like... the day you like.. won every game you played? Whaaaaa?
10/22/2009 1:56:17 PM
October 24th, 4th Saturday I should be there at somepoint... I have a rehearsal at 1 at a church in Arlington and I need to be up in McLean at 5:30 so I should be able to stop in for a game and then maybe more after the concert.
10/22/2009 1:58:02 PM
Halloween, 5th Saturday Rae and I should be there!
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10/22/2009 2:00:45 PM
EuroQuest 2009 Rae and I might make it up there for Saturday and Sunday but I'm kind of in the "BGG-bound" crowd at this point
11/2/2009 8:42:25 AM
2nd Saturday gaming? I've already submitted my application for Guest Host to John and am awaiting confirmation. Non-EQ folks intersted in 2nd Saturday gaming for ABG, please chime in so we can gauge the interest level.

11/9/2009 8:42:35 AM
7 Ages at 2nd Saturday? Rick and I are hightly interested in trying to get a game of 7 Ages going for Saturday at Kerr's Kondo. It will probably not end up being a full game (is it ever?) and would be good introduction (get-your-feet-wet) to the game for those who haven't played and a long awaited return to the game for Rick and I. So if you are interested, go ahead and post here!
11/9/2009 8:59:55 AM
7 Ages at 2nd Saturday? 12:30 sounds like a plan... wanna meet for lunch somewhere beforehand? Also... I check my "notfy me" box when I posted the initial threat and I got an email that a reply was posted.
11/9/2009 9:01:24 AM
2nd Saturday gaming? Just curious if anyone else can confirm their presence at ABG 2nd Saturday-
Jeff, Rachel, Rick, Gretchen, Scott, Eric P and Tim so far.....
11/9/2009 1:17:46 PM
7 Ages at 2nd Saturday? ScottB wrote:
I'm still a little iffy on the 7 Ages, but I'm in for pre-session food.

At some point over the next few sessions I want to take advantage of being in Arlington and go grab some Italian Store pizza/subs. Perhaps Saturday lunch?

That there's some expensive carbs! I'm probably going to pass on the italianstore this week.... gotta keep it on the cheap,... but will ask my better half.

Tim's in for 7 Ages so that's 3 and hopefully Eric will make 4. More are of course encouraged to join in the madness.
edited by Oboewan on 11/9/2009
11/13/2009 3:44:44 PM
2nd Saturday gaming? closetotaku wrote:
Jeff: Bob and Christin are highly likely to attend. Just need location...thanks!

Same John place, Same John time... just no John :-(
See you there (though many of us will be 7aging)
edited by Oboewan on 11/13/2009
12/9/2009 5:49:45 PM
Eddie From Ohio @ Birchmere! Sunday Jan 17th Hey everyone! Just wanted to invite folks to come hear Eddie From Ohio at the Birchmere- Sunday Jan 17th at 7:30. It'd be cool to meet up as a group! Let me know if you're coming so seats can be saved!

12/18/2009 9:07:06 AM
New Year's Eve gaming - 1pm Rae and I should be there!
12/30/2009 9:12:59 AM
New Year's Eve gaming - 1pm rbynaker wrote:
Anyone up for some pre-gaming lunch on Thursday?

I'll be near Tysons in the morning and was planning a stop at the Ledo's on Rt. 7 in Falls Church on my way to John's. Let me know if you're interested in joining me and we can firm up a time, I'm tentatively thinking 11:45-noonish but it may depend on how my morning goes.

Ledo's is a convenient 2 blocks off I-66 or GPS your way to 7510 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043.


Edited for typo...
edited by rbynaker on 12/30/2009

Unfortunately for me, SOME of us have to work until 4... see you all shortly thereafter!

12/30/2009 3:58:23 PM
Brass Online? I'd be up for giving it a go
2/5/2010 8:57:12 AM
The Blizzard of 2010 Commemorative CIV IV Game? Can do can do!
4/9/2010 5:23:53 PM
Gaming, Saturday 4/10 I'll be there with Mecanisburgo in tow....
A guy can hope... right?

4/21/2010 2:30:58 PM
4th Saturday gaming, 4/24 Uh oh... hope someone brings a copy of TTA... John might be taking his to Game Days!
5/5/2010 10:20:17 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, May 8 JohnKerr wrote:
Rick, I think all the games are going to be beginner games!

Macao is all about getting cubes and using cubes to build things that let you get more cubes until you can convert your cubes into points. It's unique mechanism is that the main input of cubes comes from a dice roll that everyone shares. If you pick the high numbers to get more cubes, it also pushes out how far in the future those cubes come into play for you. I've played it once and enjoyed it.

Out of curiosity, that sounds almost like Colonia... I wonder which came first.....
5/6/2010 11:35:11 AM
2nd Saturday gaming, May 8 Jason wrote:
Oboewan wrote:

Out of curiosity, that sounds almost like Colonia... I wonder which came first.....

Macao is nothing like Colonia, other than the fact that cubes can be used to "purchase" things. =P
Oh I'm sure they're quite different... but they seem to both use the buy-things-to-build-things-to-buy-things-to-sell-things-to-buy-things-to-buy-points- mechanic. I'll have to wait until the beach to play Macao... don't think I'll make it Saturday
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