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JohnKerr - all messages by user

10/8/2009 5:00:24 PM
Welcome! Welcome to ArlingtonBoardGamers.com.

This is the long over-due replacement to inner-sun. It's hosted on a professional server, which means it should have more reliable up-time and less chance of a data-losing failure.

If you're visiting here, you're welcome to look over the ABG about: here
and the 'past game days': here

If you're a regular or even not so regular to ABG, please register! I have things set up so that I need to approve users before they can post, so I can avoid spam users, but it shouldn't take long. Once you are activated, you should see a public board and a member's only board, which isn't viewable unless you have an activated account.

If you do register and your user name might not be obvious to me, please indicate who you are in the 'interests' section. You can go back and change it after you're activated!

Hopefully, I'll be adding some neat features, but for now, it's good just to have something back up!

I'm sure there will be issues to be ironed out, so be sure to let me know if you run across any problems. And if you have suggestions of things you'd like to see, by all means, let me know!
edited by JohnKerr on 10/8/2009
10/8/2009 5:05:23 PM
October 10th, 2nd Saturday The second Saturday game day is on, starting at 1pm.

Who is planning on attending?
10/9/2009 3:27:58 PM
EuroQuest 2009 Wow, that will be odd not to see you there!

Same with Gretchen?
10/9/2009 3:28:57 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. I'll check in to the preview (I was able to reproduce it) and the time zone issue.

By all means, everyone post any problems they notice!
10/18/2009 4:40:30 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. kevin wrote:
is there a way to reverse this? It's just wrong!

There's a setting I can set to reverse the order of the display, this is just the default. I actually like having the new messages show first, though it does take some getting used to. I'll see if I can figure out what other people think.
10/18/2009 4:44:05 PM
Message ordering Prompted by Kevin's request to show messages old to new, I thought I'd see if anyone else had an opinion.
10/21/2009 1:40:40 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. Jeff, that is indeed true, the error is because I haven't put in the game day results yet. That being said, it shouldn't dump you to the error page, that was an oversight on my part. It's fixed, I just haven't uploaded the new code yet. Obviously, all of this is still in 'Beta'... Thanks, Jerry, for letting me know!
10/22/2009 8:38:33 AM
Rob and Michelle at Essen Because of Dave Faire's warning, caught Rob and Michelle playing at essen:
10/22/2009 8:44:35 AM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. Yeah, there's some background stuff, so the count won't be exactly right to anyone but me. You should see one more now, though.
10/23/2009 3:28:30 PM
Real Men of Genius I feel like I need a beer, now. Good stuff!
10/30/2009 1:27:15 PM
Exploring Polls I don't get any extra information... I put in a request to the forum developer's to see if they could add that feature. They seem to be very receptive to new ideas.

I can't believe there wasn't a single smarty-pants that picked 'No'.
11/2/2009 10:11:48 AM
2nd Saturday gaming? I talked with Eric P and Tim this weekend and they both would be interested in 2nd Saturday gaming... I think we have enough folks to make it worth while. Since Jeff has already volunteered to guest host the full time, I think we're set.
11/10/2009 3:30:03 AM
New Version We're live with a new version of the forum software. Changes are here and there, but the big ones:

Should be ordering messages from old to new
Should be showing the correct time on NEW messages posted
Recent topics / Recent posts should include messages in all forums you can see, not just the general forum
Fixed preview in firefox

That should be about it. Let me know if you run in to any new problems.

edit - Heh, found one aleady, the 'bulleted list' doesn't work in firefox.
edited by JohnKerr on 11/10/2009
11/10/2009 3:35:13 AM
New Version And it broke the game days listing...
11/12/2009 4:43:45 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, November 14th, 2009 Just a reminder that 2nd saturday gaming on Nov 14th is on, as referenced in the thread at this link:

11/24/2009 3:40:33 PM
Post thanksgiving, 4th Saturday gaming Fourth Saturday gaming is alive and well this month (and I'll even be there!)

As always, we'll start at 1pm and go until the turkeys come home.

I got a copy of The Gates of Loyang that I'm hoping to get to the table... new acquisitions also include the expansion to St Petersburg, Dominion Seaside and Fury of Dracula.

Who is planning on coming by?
11/25/2009 2:08:06 PM
Post thanksgiving, 4th Saturday gaming jhagen1908 wrote:
having played a 3-hour 4p learning game of Loyang last Saturday

Jerry, I seem to remember reading that in the four player game, two players should be taking their actions simultaneously. Were you using that rule, or was it not practical in a learning game?
11/30/2009 4:39:02 PM
I'm not sure what to say about this.
12/10/2009 1:24:40 PM
Gaming, Saturday 12/12 Rest assured, 2nd Saturday gaming for December is alive and well and will be showing up this very saturday. I even plan to attend myself!

Come join us for festive holiday gaming. 1pm, of course.

I wouldn't mind giving Hansa Teutonica a try... and I still owe Kevin a game of Gates of Lorang.

Who's coming? What do you want to play?
12/14/2009 12:33:19 PM
Day after Christmas gaming, Saturday, 12/26 This year, the day after Christmas happens to be a fourth Saturday, and a game day.

How convenient, we'll be able to play all those new games you found under the tree!

1pm start time, as usual. Who is coming?
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