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chrisbrandt - all messages by user

2/7/2018 5:48:28 PM
Pre-Prezcon game sale - Updated AGAIN! JohnKerr wrote:
I'll buy the golden ages off you if you bring it saturday!

SOLD! I'll bring it Saturday.


2/8/2018 6:35:21 AM
Pre-Prezcon game sale - Updated AGAIN! Phil Bauer wrote:
Hey Chris, would you do Clash of Cultures and Tikal for $40?

Yes, sir! I'll bring them Saturday. Also, I really liked Transatlantic if you'd like to try playing it again on Saturday.


2/10/2018 8:37:15 PM
Pre-Prezcon game sale - Updated AGAIN! Hi Phil,
I didn't bring Tikal... I DID bring Clash of Cultures, though and put it at the top of the stack of games atop the shelf outside John's kitchen. I will miss the next ABG because of Prezcon, but will get Tikal to you eventually.

Hi Ben,
Since Scott's out of town for 3 weeks and we probably won't play Charterstone, I'll figure out a way to get you Samurai.

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3/23/2018 10:13:38 PM
Spring Gaming - 3/24 I'll be there! Would like to play Gaia Project.
Will also be bringing Tikal, Samurai, and Stephenson's Rocket for those who bought them.

I'm not adverse to frolicking, but would prefer simple boardgaming on Saturday.

3/24/2018 2:17:57 AM
Spring Gaming - 3/24 MMmmmmmMMMmmm... Ninjato! ... but I still want to try to get in a game of Gaia if I can. I don't think I can play it on weeknights anymore... too long.
4/13/2018 3:41:58 PM
Gaming - 4/14? I'll be there. Would like to play... well... anything. Gaia? Catch up on Ninjato?
6/7/2018 5:14:37 PM
Hey, ho, who's up for some gaming? June 9th I'll be there. Would like to play almost anything.
I played Airlines Europe the other day and had forgotten how much I enjoy it. Wouldn't mind playing it again.

6/8/2018 7:30:42 PM
Hey, ho, who's up for some gaming? June 9th Hi Chap... is this Airlines, or Airlines Europe. I'd MUCH prefer Europe. I also have a copy.
6/22/2018 4:08:17 PM
Fourth Saturday gaming - 6/23 I will be late, but will be there. Plan to stay through dinner at least.
I'll play anything.

6/22/2018 4:45:41 PM
Fourth Saturday gaming - 6/23 I'd be up for Chicago Express... it's been a LONG time since I played that!
7/26/2018 6:39:42 PM
Fourth Saturday gaming, July 28th I will probably be there. Not likely to stay too late, though. Up for playing anything. Space Base sounds good. TTR New York sounds interesting.
I've been wanting to play Macao, since I've been playing it online (poorly).
7/28/2018 10:19:34 AM
Fourth Saturday gaming, July 28th I'm stuck at the MINI dealer. No appointment, waiting for inspection and some other service. No idea when I'll get there. Has anyone heard from Bob, he brought Space Base last time.
8/22/2018 3:28:05 PM
Castle of Burgundy I don't mind hate drafting. If there's a tile or action that I want and need badly, I try to plan to ensure that I get what I need, perhaps by taking it earlier than necessary. That's just planning.

I don't intentionally "hate draft" very often because it's pretty rare that the damage done to another player outweighs the benefit I could generate on my own. In a two player game, though, all bets are off. Since it's a zero-sum situation, I will do what I can to prevent the other player from scoring, because that's just as good as me scoring the points.

And, nice job on winning the game, despite an opponent's effort to derail you. That is probably a bit more satisfying than just winning.

And finally, thanks for using "could've" instead of "could of", which is a grammar error that really sets me on raging tilt! Big Grin

edited by chrisbrandt on 8/22/2018
8/25/2018 11:15:19 AM
4th Saturday gaming! I'm going to try to show up. Might only be good for one game. CIV sounds good if we start quickly.

In other news, if anyone has a Duchess Board Game Table, I have a brown table topper I'm giving away for it. There's a small dent, which my artist/wife has repaired nicely.

Here's the catch... you need to come get it. Anyhoo... free to a good home.

9/7/2018 4:03:12 PM
Sept 8th game day, 9/8 at 12:30/1pm. I'm planning to be there. Probably a one and done session for me...
Would be up for just about anything!

9/7/2018 5:08:37 PM
Sept 8th game day, 9/8 at 12:30/1pm. I've been wanting to try Rajas of the Ganges, too.
I'll need some learnin', though.

9/7/2018 11:26:45 PM
Sept 8th game day, 9/8 at 12:30/1pm. I watched the Rajas video. Looks like my cup of tea! I'd love to play it if there's a seat.
I'll try to get there early... but partially to hunt for a good parking space! Big Grin

9/8/2018 9:05:52 PM
Game Sale Hi All,
I'm starting my Pre-Prezcon sell-off a little early this year. Here are some MORE games I'm selling. I don't know how to price things, but I do want to get rid of them. No reasonable offer refused:

LIST of game and condition


Age of Steam and Expansion Maps - Very Good

Ascension - Chronicle of the Godslayer and Ascension Apprentice Edition - Like New

Broom Service - Very Good

Camel Up - Never Played

Dominion & Expansions - Very Good (Seaside, Intrigue, Prosperity, Alchemy) All in one box.

Five Tribes - Like New

Fury of Dracula - 3rd Edition - Like New

Goa - Unpunched

Hawaii - Like New

Ingenious - Very Good

Klondike Rush - In Shrink

La Granja - Like New

Merchant of Venus - New Version - In Shrink

Ora & Labora - Like New

Pandemic - Cthulu - In Shrink

Paris Connection - Like New

Pillars of the Earth & Expansion - Very Good

Terra Mystica - Like New

The New Science - Kickstarter Edition - Like New

Ticket to Ride - Asia Expansion - In Shrink

Twilight Struggle - Deluxe Edition - Very Good

World Without End - Very Good


edited by chrisbrandt on 9/8/2018
edited by chrisbrandt on 9/14/2018
9/19/2018 11:50:12 AM
Game Sale Sounds good, Chap. I will be there Saturday. These days I'm good for about one game and then head on home. I was thinking $15 for Broom Service. $10 if you bring some sort of chocolate baked good. Big Grin - Chris

Chapman wrote:
Ooh, better games than your last year's sale. Broom Service looks interesting, next John day we can take the trade action: green paper for multicolored cardboard. BTW Speicherstadt made it to the table several times, I am still hunting for the expansion.
9/22/2018 10:42:08 AM
Fall into some 4th Saturday gaming! I'll be there. Bringing Broom Service for Chap... and Rajas of the Ganges for me! I'm always up for Scythe, and have been playing it online... learning how bad I really am.
Also, I'll bring some ALPHABETIC listing sheets of Lorenzo Personality Cards in case it hits the table.

Mike... I can teach Endeavor, but sold my copy in anticipation of the Kickstarter arriving this month sometime.

Trying to get there early this week.

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