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8/21/2018 8:13:57 PM

( Jason )
Posts: 36
BggId: Zalasta
I am curious. Would you play with someone who employs the strategy of drafting tiles they cannot use solely to deny you? I agree that it is a valid strategy, but I feel it is not in the spirit of this game and I personally would prefer not to play anyone that feels they need to win so badly to resort to this. I just had a game where someone already took two tiles in the last round that were obviously more useful to me, but since he can still place them, I said nothing. Then he proceeded to take all of the ship tiles when he's already done with ships, knowing I needed one more to complete my set of six. The ironic thing is that I had the exact same opportunity to screw him, he needed a church to finish the set of eight buildings. There were two available and I can only make use of one, I could've grabbed both but decided to just let it play out, allowing him to stay competitive. I was called a crybaby, but it's just not the way I play games (I call it hate drafting)...I still beat him though.
8/22/2018 3:28:05 PM

( Chris Brandt)
Posts: 371
BggId: chrisbrandt
I don't mind hate drafting. If there's a tile or action that I want and need badly, I try to plan to ensure that I get what I need, perhaps by taking it earlier than necessary. That's just planning.

I don't intentionally "hate draft" very often because it's pretty rare that the damage done to another player outweighs the benefit I could generate on my own. In a two player game, though, all bets are off. Since it's a zero-sum situation, I will do what I can to prevent the other player from scoring, because that's just as good as me scoring the points.

And, nice job on winning the game, despite an opponent's effort to derail you. That is probably a bit more satisfying than just winning.

And finally, thanks for using "could've" instead of "could of", which is a grammar error that really sets me on raging tilt! Big Grin

edited by chrisbrandt on 8/22/2018

Home » Game strategy (online or otherwise) » Castle of Burgundy