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10/9/2009 2:31:49 PM
October 10th, 2nd Saturday Gretchen invited one of her coworkers for this weekend. I haven't met
him yet but she said he's more of an Axis & Allies guy but we were
thinking maybe he might enjoy History of the World. Anyone else
10/9/2009 2:51:20 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. It looks like there are similar problems with Firefox vs. IE. Firefox doesn't seem to be able to embed hard returns.
10/9/2009 2:59:56 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. Testing Firefox posting.

This should be on a new line. But it doesn't appear to be in preview.

Does anyone use Chrome? I have it but not on this computer.

10/9/2009 3:02:59 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. Ah, okay. It seems to post okay after you click add message but the preview feature does not display it with the correct spacing.

Well, I'm getting tired of talking to myself now. Maybe I'll go play a solo game of Le Havre...
10/9/2009 3:04:35 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. OR MAYBE...

I'll notice that we seem to be on Pacific time. John, is there a setting somewhere for timezone? I'm posting this at 6:04pm EDT.
10/9/2009 3:09:48 PM
EuroQuest 2009 I'm not going to make it to EQ this year.

Need the time to get ready to go to BGG Con instead!

10/9/2009 3:22:22 PM
Exploring Polls I noticed if you create a new thread there's this option to create a poll...
10/9/2009 3:42:44 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. The notify stuff seems to work fairly well. Not only do you get a link to the updated thread you also get the text of the reply posted.
10/9/2009 3:45:08 PM
Exploring Polls It doesn't tell me who voted, just keeps a count of the votes. John, can you see more data than that?

Some polls are useful as anonymous, others are better with more open voter information. There weren't any options when I created it so best I can tell, this is it!

10/9/2009 3:58:51 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. Clicking on recent topics and recent posts seems to only display public forums and posts, even if you're logged in. Not a big deal for me since the notify messages are way cooler now...
10/9/2009 8:58:26 PM
Questions, Bugs, What am I Doing Wrong, etc. Google Chrome test

Seems to have the same problem as Firefox, stripping the line breaks in preview.
edited by rbynaker on 10/9/2009
10/11/2009 10:03:54 AM
OT: Library Book Fair The George Mason Regional Library in Annandale, VA is having their semi-annual used book sale later this month. It starts Thursday, Oct. 22 at 5pm and runs through Sunday, Oct. 25. They have the best selection of any of the public library book sales I've been to in the area including a good sci-fi/fantasy selection. If you're in the area and/or have some free time, check it out!


10/22/2009 1:51:15 PM
OT: Library Book Fair Just a reminder, this starts tonight. Gretchen and I will probably drop by around 8pm or so after dinner.
10/22/2009 1:53:17 PM
October 24th, 4th Saturday Gaming this weekend anyone?

10/22/2009 1:55:03 PM
Halloween, 5th Saturday I suspect many folks will have holiday plans but just a reminder that this month has a 5th Saturday. Hope to see you at Mike & Sallie's in Herndon starting around 1pm. RSVP so I have a head count for dinner.



Edit: Added start time.
edited by rbynaker on 10/22/2009
11/2/2009 7:55:29 AM
OT: District 9 at Drafthouse? Anyone interested in District 9 tonight at the Arlington Drafthouse? 9:50pm showing. $1.

11/2/2009 8:08:53 AM
2nd Saturday gaming? Will there be a guest host for 2nd Saturday gaming this month for folks not going to EQ?

11/9/2009 8:50:57 AM
7 Ages at 2nd Saturday? Interested!

Jeff, should we show up at 12:30 and set it up? I will teach (I even have cue cards!)

11/9/2009 9:08:18 AM
7 Ages at 2nd Saturday? I'll probably just stop at the Teeter.

11/9/2009 1:50:52 PM
7 Ages at 2nd Saturday? Responses posted here and by private email summarized in chronological order:

1. Jeff
2. Rick
3. Mark M. (if both of his two other commitments fall through)
4. Rae (but she may have to take a nap in the middle)
5. Scott (a little iffy)
6. Tim (an unqualified response!)
7. Gretchen
8. Eric P. (but we haven't heard back from him with confirmation on the time)

Plays up to 7 people and we have some "maybe"s so I suspect we will still have room. Perfect with 5 but since this is an intro game I'd say the more the merrier!

Update: I expect Mark to drop out which might put us at 7. A great number for a learning game of this but with more players (and inexperienced players) there may be lots of down time (fair warning).

Jeff and I will set up around 12:30. Hopefully most everyone can get there around 1:00pm for rules explanation (which I expect to take around 45 minutes with questions, etc.)

edited by rbynaker on 11/13/2009
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