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Larry L. - all messages by user

3/8/2013 9:09:00 PM
March 9th 2nd saturday gaming I'll be there and will be happy to play anything BUT Merchant of Venus!

OK, that was cruel, but accurate. Actually, I'm hoping to play some of the newer games (as usual), like Tzolk'in, Terra Mystica, and especially Bora Bora (you gonna be there, Matt?). I'll also be bringing Nieuw Amsterdam, which also qualifies as new. See everybody there!
3/22/2013 8:20:42 PM
March 23rd, 4th Saturday gaming Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. But I have a good excuse--it's my wife's birthday!

With the Gathering coming next month, I probably won't be seeing you all until May. So have fun in my absense and I'll see you all then.
5/10/2013 3:17:05 PM
2nd Saturday Gaming, 5/11 I'll be there, making my triumphant return after being away for a couple of months. I'm always up for a game of Macao. Some Bora Bora would be nice. Hell, let's make it a Feld day! Oh wait, I'd also like to play Terra Mystica!

Guess I'll just show up and play whatever fun stuff other people want to play. That always works!
edited by Larry L. on 5/10/2013
6/7/2013 8:28:14 PM
2nd Saturday of June I'll be there. Terra Mystica was at the top of my dance list, so I'm thrilled it will be there. Bora Bora would also be nice and Tzolk'in is always fun. Me and the donuts will be rolling in at 1 PM!
6/21/2013 4:27:57 PM
4th Saturday! Sadly, I won't be able to make it. See you guys on the first July meeting!
7/4/2013 11:34:23 PM
4th of July gaming Wow, amazingly close! Thanks for posting, Jeff.
8/9/2013 3:38:47 PM
August 10 = 2nd saturday gaming I'll be there! I'll bring an Essen title called Urbanization, a city-building game of sorts that's kinda flown under the radar. Also looking forward to playing other good games!

BTW, if anyone has a copy of Robinson Crusoe, the new cooperative game from last year, I'd like to try that as well.
9/13/2013 3:29:44 PM
2nd Saturday gaming in September I'll be back after missing last time. I'll bring Urbanization again and look forward to playing some good games with my buddies!
9/27/2013 10:52:28 PM
4th saturday gaming in sept Two sessions in a row for me--woo hoo! I'd love to get in some games of Spyrium and Bora Bora and whatever else is new. See y'all there!
11/21/2013 11:55:37 PM
Gaming for 11/23 I'm in town and should be able to make it, although it's possible I'll have to leave early. I'd love to get to play some of the new Essen games, if anyone has any yet. I'll be bringing one of them, Artifact. See y'all there!
12/12/2013 8:17:14 PM
2nd Saturday in December, the 14th I'll be there and looking to play some new Essen games!
1/10/2014 4:29:19 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, Jan 11th, 1pm OMG, Jeff! You are my new best friend! I want to play ALL of them!!! (Well, Russian RR, Concordia, and Caverna, at least.)
I'll be there to help ring in the new year with my gaming buddies. You won't have to look hard for me--I'll be the one surgically attached to Jeff! (I'll also bring Artifact, so that we have something new to play when he goes home.)
2/21/2014 4:06:20 PM
A lovely day of gaming, 2/22 I will be showing up at 1 PM. I'm sad to hear that Jeff won't be there, as he owns a lot of the new games I wanted to play (like Russian Railroads and Caverna), but I'll be open to playing any of the Essen games or whatever else folks want to try.
3/6/2014 8:36:38 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, 3/8 I'll be there at 1 PM. I was going to suggest that it might be a good week to finally learn Caverna, but you've got even NEWER games! If someone is able to teach Madeira, I'd like to try that. I've played the prototype for Coal Baron and would definitely like to play the published version. I've already played the Goat Expansion on my tablet and know it's really good--I'm always up for Peloponnes. My preference would be to play Tzolk'in without the expansion, but since it's much more likely to be played WITH it, I'm game. And I'm still up for more games of Russian Railroads! With all these games to play, I can't afford to lose an hour--I need to gain FIVE of them!
3/7/2014 10:42:11 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, 3/8 That's very kind of you, Jeff, but John recently picked up a copy. Of course, there's nothing wrong with two simulataneous games of RR!
3/21/2014 9:18:01 PM
Will there be gaming tomorrow? Hope so. I'm planning on coming if there is. John?
5/21/2014 11:29:41 PM
Game day for May 24th I'll be there at 1 PM. If anyone is interested in trying out a prototype, I'll be bringing the proposed expansion for New Amsterdam from the original designer.

I'd love to get another play of some of the nominated Kennerspiel games (Concordia and Rococo). I'd be happy to play Caverna or 4-player BasketBoss. Of course, I'm always up for Russian Railroads, plus any new game discoveries y'all tried out at the beach. See you Saturday!
6/10/2014 10:47:05 PM
2nd Saturday gaming for June, June 14th I'd love to learn Madeira. I'd also be up for Concordia, Russian Railroads, or Rococo. See you at 1 PM!
6/25/2014 10:47:05 PM
Gaming this Saturday, the 28th I'll be there, John. I've read through the rules to Madeira, so that WILL be played! Would also love to play Concordia, Russian Railroads, Spyrium, Caverna, or Nations.

7/11/2014 11:39:28 AM
2nd Saturday gaming The group I work with that gives out Game of the Year awards is looking for nominations for last year's games, so I've GOT to get Madeira played! Fortunately, I've read the rules and will be able to teach it. I'd also love to get Concordia back to the table to try again--Jeff, could you bring your copy? I'm also up for any other recent games.
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