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8/28/2022 6:58:07 PM

( John Kerr)
Posts: 1196
BggId: johnkerr
2nd Saturday gaming is on the 10th, I hope to see you!

I wouldn't mind playing Ark Nova again, that was fun.

Who is coming by? What would you like to play?
9/9/2022 6:49:33 PM

( museumme )
Posts: 210
Looks like I will be coming by train… arriving at your place at approximately 1:15. I am up for learning Ark Nova or just about anything that doesn’t exceed 3 hours
9/10/2022 10:28:14 AM

( Rick Bynaker)
Posts: 436
BggId: rbynaker

I've played Ark Nova 3 times and all were about 4 hours including teaching. Even the 2p game I played with Cheryl was long (so it doesn't seem to be a function of player count).

If you're fine playing a learning game, I can teach the basic mechanics to get us started and then explain things in more detail as we go. I will bring my copy which is set up for a "swift start" (unofficial variant) which removes the game setup decisions that are fairly meaningless if you've never played before. We would also play on the "A" map which is easier and less fiddly. I *think* I can get this down to ~3-3.5 hours if that works for you. Experienced players can play John's copy while I teach from mine.

I am not a rules expert, we might get some things wrong. The rules are very poorly laid out IMO, such that there are 684 threads in the Ark Nova Rules Forum on BGG. I suppose that comes with any game having 235 unique cards!

That said, I've enjoyed the game immensely.


PS: I can also have it set up before you arrive which will save some time.
edited by rbynaker on 9/10/2022

Home » General » September 10th, 2nd saturday gaming