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Home » General » May 14 - gaming cancelled

5/13/2022 10:14:28 AM

( John Kerr)
Posts: 1129
BggId: johnkerr
Sorry for the late notice, but due to family health events, I need to cancel gaming tomorrow.

If anyone wants to host elsewhere, in person or online, I’d be vicariously happy to hear about it!
5/13/2022 4:04:20 PM

( museumme )
Posts: 208
If anyone is interested in virtual games tomorrow meet me on the ABG Discord site tomorrow at 1pm.


Wishing John and his family a return to health.
5/13/2022 4:18:00 PM

( Rick Bynaker)
Posts: 431
BggId: rbynaker
I can hop on Discord tomorrow at 1pm.

I have the Wingspan Europe expansion (everyone needs to own Wingspan on Steam but only the host needs to own the expansion on Steam for everyone to play it). I also saw that the Hellas/Elysium expansion was just released for Terraforming Mars but I have not bought it yet. I believe they have the same policy, only the game host needs to own the expansions for everyone to play. I've heard that TM is platform independent since it goes through the Asmodee servers so Steam client can play vs. IOS App (but the friending is quirky and has to happen on asmodee.net first).

I've also recently learned Isle of Cats and can teach it on BGA if folks are interested in that. I need to teach Cheryl at some point anyway, so why not tomorrow!

I haven't found a critical mass of folks to play Uptown on BGA yet, a great short-ish game if folks are up for it. I see they also have Great Western Trail but I haven't played it online yet (and might need a refresher).


Home » General » May 14 - gaming cancelled