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11/18/2020 10:16:10 PM

( Rick Bynaker)
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I noticed that BGG Con @Home starts today. They're using tabletop.events and Discord for infrastructure. Most scheduled games seem to be on TableTop Simulator or Tabletopia, but a few are on BGA and yucata.

I learned Bonfire on Tabletopia earlier today. Didn't much care for Tabletopia which may have soured Bonfire a bit for me. It was like learning a new game while recovering from a stroke. A lot of my "learning" capacity was soaked up learning how to pick things up, flip them over, spin them around, etc. with lots of zooming in and out (trying to read and decipher tiny symbols on cards and tiles).

Admission is $10, free if you signed up for BGG Con (which was cancelled), or free if you volunteer to host a game. Open gaming seemed practically non-existent today but that's not exactly unexpected for mid-day on a Wednesday.

I'm hosting Roll for the Galaxy at noon tomorrow (Thursday) and will be around off-and-on through Sunday (have some errands to run on Saturday morning though).

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Home » General » Virtual BGG Con @Home