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Home » General » 4th Saturday -Political games?

10/23/2020 11:53:41 AM

( museumme )
Posts: 196
I note that tomorrow is the 4th Saturday in October and also the last game day before this year's election. I typically look at my shelf of political games this time of year and grow nostalgic for an earlier time. I have a couple of copies of 3M Bookshelf Mr. President. A little known game out of the U. of Michigan from 1967 - Consensus and the even more obscure Parker Bros. game Politics (1936) which inspired it. I also think back to my earliest days at John's when Die Macher was revered/chastised as the most difficult game imaginable... back before 3 hour eurogames became commonplace. Unfortunately, I think that very few political games have been digitized. Yucata offers Campaign Manager 2008 and Founding Fathers. I'd been interested in playing either of those tomorrow...as well as something non-political for a change of pace.
10/24/2020 2:25:05 PM

( John Kerr)
Posts: 1024
BggId: johnkerr
Opps, sorry, guys, I was out of town and missed this. I hope something came of it!
1/3/2021 4:37:54 PM

( Chris Brandt)
Posts: 325
BggId: chrisbrandt
I know I'm LONG overdue on this, but here are some more...

Mr. President - OOOOLLLDDDD 3M bookshelf game. Def needs updating, but a fun game for 2 or 4.

1960 The making of the president - Very much like Twilight Struggle, a good game, but I did sell my copy.

Road to the White House - This is about the primaries and becoming the candidate. I played it once, and not to conclusion, but I still liked it.

I like political games. The electoral college is superb for gaming, even if people think it has problems in real life.


Home » General » 4th Saturday -Political games?