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3/25/2010 11:36:58 PM

( John Kerr)
Posts: 1149
BggId: johnkerr
Howdy do, good folks!

Just a reminder that this Saturday, 3/27, is a game day! Come join us! 1pm, as normal!

Are you coming? What would you like to play?
3/26/2010 9:42:59 AM

( Thommy8 )
Posts: 34
I'm hoping to make it tomorrow.

Some slightly older games that I've been wanting to play again for a while now are La Citta and Byzantium. I can bring the latter as I don't think you have it, although it remains to be seen if anyone actually wants to play it ;-)

Newer games I'd be up for teaching include Macao, Shipyard, Power Struggle (and can bring if anyone would like).

And a smattering of games I'd love to learn sometime include Assyria, Carson City, Confucius, Nefertiti, Opera, Princes of Machu Picchu, Tinner's Trail, and Valdora.
3/26/2010 11:09:33 AM

( ayao )
Posts: 6
I can't remember, does somebody already have Nefertiti? No matter. I'll bring mine anyways. I can still fit it. I do plan on coming tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get there early and finally learn how to play something else like Through The Ages. Otherwise, always up for Battlestar Galactica and Race For The Galaxy, among considerations of whatever else people wanna play.

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Home » General » Gaming, 4th Saturday, March