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12/20/2011 4:50:53 PM

( John Kerr)
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As many of you know, I typically host gaming on New Year's Eve. This year, though, it turns out that this coincides with the regular 5th Saturday gaming. Between that and an unusual level of illness, work and general hecticness (is that a word?), I'm inclined to encourage everyone to attend the 5th Saturday gaming. I'll be resuming my normal NYE gig next year, though!

If you don't know what I'm referring to by 5th Saturday gaming, rest assured that you are invited! It's hosted by Rick & Mike & Sallie. Sheila and I will most likely be there. Check out ricks gameday page at http://gameday.bynaker.com/ or if you want to contact him directly, you can use the private messaging here, or I can pass along his email.
12/21/2011 4:16:39 PM

( Rick Bynaker)
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BggId: rbynaker
Right, what he said.

For the first time ever we will have gaming on the fifth 5th Saturday of the year. I don't have any special festivities planned but don't
let that stop you from celebrating when the clock strikes midnight!

The pasta with meatballs AND sausage was a big hit last time so we plan to do that again (meatballs/sausage are optional and I expect to have a marinara sauce available for vegetarians). I also hope to get some sort of cheesecake from Costco and the usual Colossal Donuts from Shoppers.

Start time will be the usual 1pm on Saturday, December 31st at Mike & Sallie's place in Herndon. We will play until whenever the last folks decide to go home.

I have not shopped for soft drinks yet so give a shout out ASAP if you have any requests (especially if you know of a good sale!)

As usual, please RSVP so I have a rough head count for food preparation and please remember to fill out those game record sheets so we know what games are played!

Status/updates will be posted here (where you can also find directions if you need them):


12/27/2011 9:43:37 PM

Larry L.
Larry L.
( Larry L. )
Posts: 199

Thank you so much for the invitation. I'm looking forward to attending my first 5th Saturday game night so that I can ring in the New Year with my friends and, best of all, get to meet Abie. :-)

I'm not sure what games will be available, so if anyone has a game they'd like me to bring, post it here and I'll bring it if I have it.
edited by Larry L. on 12/27/2011
12/29/2011 12:39:17 PM

( Rob Flowers)
Posts: 152
I plan to attend, with a special guest appearance by Marilyn.

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