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9/23/2010 10:07:37 AM

( Thommy8 )
Posts: 34
With Essen coming up, I need to clear some room on my overcrowded game shelves, so I picked out the following 40 or so games to offer for sale. I've split them into two groups - games I definitely want to sell and games I maybe want to sell (conveniently labeled as "Definitely" and "Maybe"). The difference is that I've priced the Definitely games significantly below the lowest online price I could find, whereas I priced the Maybe games only slightly below the lowest online price I found. Since I'd rather go to the dentist than the post office, all of these are only offered for local pick-up, ideally at John's place on some Saturday or at my place in Crystal City whenever.


Aladdin's Dragons Card Game - $5 (no English rules in box, but available online)
Antler Island - $40
Backgammon (Travel Edition) - Free with any purchase
Bezzerwizzer - $10
Bridges of Shangri-La - $10
Carcassonne: Princess & Dragon - $5
Cuba - $25
Dominion - $20
Dune CCG - $20
Leonardo da Vinci - $20
Mammoth Hunters - $10
Midgard - $10
Mille Bornes - Free with any purchase
O'Kudos - Free with any purchase
Oltre Mare - $15
Perikles - $20
Pizza Box Football - $15
PowerMage 54 - Free with any purchase
Quo Vadis - $15
Senator - $5
Space Marine - I have no idea what price is reasonable?
Ticket to Ride: Dice Expansion - $5
Tigris & Euphrates (Mayfair) - $35
Treehouse - $5
Tribune: Primus Inter Pares - $30
Wallenstein (in shrink) - $50
Xeko - Free with any purchase
ZERTZ - $15



Archaeology - $10
Canal Mania - $35
Cavum - $30
El Caballero - $30
Elfendland - $25
Entdecker - $35
Gloria Picktoria - $10
Key Harvest - $25
Struggle of Empires - $50
Taluva - $15
Terra Nova - $15
VOC - $20
Wool Rules - $10

Regarding the "Free with any purchase items," I think one per item purchased seems fair, unless there's no one else interested, then you can certainly have more.

Regarding tiebreakers, if two people want the same game, then that would be broken in the following order: (1) whoever offers more for that game; (2) whoever purchased more stuff overall; finally if still tied then (3) whoever offered first. I am posting this in a few places online, so you may not see other people's offers if they respond elsewhere.

I believe all of the games are in very good condition, but of course you could see the game before committing if you want to check the condition.

Thanks for helping me make room for all the new games coming out,

Home » General » Games for Sale