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Larry L. - all messages by user

7/27/2018 11:01:44 AM
Fourth Saturday gaming, July 28th After yet another long absence, I shall be returning to ABG on Saturday. To make up for lost time, I shall be bringing newish games! In my stash will be Heaven & Ale, Santa Maria, Decrypto, the Istanbul Dice Game, and the Amun-Re card game. That's a lotta stuff! I'll be cutting out around 6 PM, so anyone who is interested should try to get to these soon after my arrival. I'll be showing up a little before 1 PM.

One of my co-workers named Mark will also probably show up sometime during the day. He has gaming experience, but not with boardgames, so he's intrigued by my descriptions of our Saturday sessions to him. He said he's happy just to see what we're playing, but I'm sure he'll be asked to join in the festivities. He's a good guy, so I'm sure y'all will welcome him in the usual ABG way. See everyone tomorrow!
8/21/2018 9:13:51 PM
4th Saturday gaming! I'll be showing up a little before 1 PM and staying until 6 or so. I'll be bringing the games I recently picked up again: Heaven & Ale, Santa Maria, the Istanbul dice game, and the Amun-Re card game. Plus, I have another one: Sid Meier's Civ - A New Dawn, which is kind of a Eurocized civ game. Of course, I'm always up for anything new that anyone else has. See everybody on Saturday!
8/24/2018 1:41:33 PM
4th Saturday gaming! Never played it, but heard good things about it. The listed duration is 1-2 hours. I'd plan for 3 hours, including teaching the rules, but it's probably not nearly as long as most Civ games. It plays from 2-4 and the Geek thinks it's best with 4.
9/7/2018 4:47:14 PM
Sept 8th game day, 9/8 at 12:30/1pm. Aw, you never let us bring bats! I'll be there, from 1 PM to about 6 or so. It's time to vote for the IGA awards, so there's a couple of games I need to play. One is Rajas of the Ganges and the other is Santa Maria. I'd love to play one or both of them tomorrow. (I'll be bringing Santa Maria and I'm hoping Ganges will be available. I also would like to try out Pulsar 2849, but I don't think anyone in the group has it.) Anyway, if that isn't possible, there's plenty of other stuff I'll be up for. See everyone tomorrow. Squeeeeek!
9/7/2018 9:12:12 PM
Sept 8th game day, 9/8 at 12:30/1pm. Thanks, Jeff!

Marvin, Santa Maria isn't complicated at all. The video probably wasn't a very good one.
10/11/2018 9:34:58 AM
10/13 - saturday the 13th for some lucky gaming! I'll be there by 1 and will stick around until 6 or so. I was sent an advance copy of an Essen game called Pandoria. It's a tile-laying, area majority gamer's game by Jeff Allers (Piece o' Cake/NY Slice and Nieuw Amsterdam) and Bernd Eisenstein (Peloponnes). It looks good and I'd love to get it played, so that I can write up my impressions of it. It plays from 2 to 4 and I hope I can get some folks to try it with me.

Additionally, if anyone has Coimbra, I'd love to try that out. Or anything else new (naturally!). I'll also bring Heaven & Ale. See everyone on Saturday!
10/26/2018 2:24:53 PM
Spoooky gaming! 10/27 I'll be there a bit before 1 and will stick around until 6 or so. Halloween's nice, but October's all about Essen, as far as I'm concerned. So (as usual) I'm up for new stuff! I'd really like to try Coimbra, if it's available. I'll also be bringing Heaven & Ale. See everybody tomorrow!
11/9/2018 8:10:51 AM
Gaming 11-10 CANCELLED I'm planning on showing up if there's a game, from about 1-6 PM. Please let us know one way or another, John. Thanks!
11/9/2018 4:47:10 PM
Gaming 11-10 CANCELLED No worries, John. Sunday is my anniversary, so an extra day spent at home this weekend is probably better for my marriage. Have fun at EQ!
12/7/2018 11:18:56 PM
Frosty winter gaming, 12/8 Sadly, I won't be able to make it. My Bridge gang is making their semi-annual appearance tomorrow. Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks.
12/21/2018 9:38:27 AM
12/22 - Holiday gaming! I will be there, from 1 PM to 6:00 or so. I will bring my spanking new copy of Key Flow, the latest from Richard Breese. This can be described as the love child between Keyflower and 7 Wonders. It plays up to 6 and is reasonably short. I've played the prototype a couple of times and loved it. I'll also bring Heaven & Ale.

If Coimbra is available, I'd love to play that again, along with any other new stuff that folks have. Hopefully, enough people will show up for us to have some great pre-holiday gaming!
12/21/2018 5:25:36 PM
12/22 - Holiday gaming! Possibly, Chap. It looks a little light for my tastes. Then again, it's the perfect time of year to play it!
1/11/2019 3:49:50 PM
Gaming, 2019! Ha! I laugh at snow! Of course, I'll be leaving at 6, so that makes my decision easier.

I'll be showing up by 1 or earlier. I'd love to give Newton another try, or Coimbra, or anything else new. I'll be showing up with Key Flow (basically, Keyflower meets 7 Wonders) and would be happy to teach it. I also have a new game called Tokyo Metro. It's kind of a train game, with an unusual WP mechanic. Be happy to teach that as well. See everyone tomorrow!
1/25/2019 11:34:29 AM
2nd Saturday gaming, 1/26 Newton, Newton, Newton! I don't give a fig for any game but Newton!!! Okay, that's a slight exagerration, but I did really enjoy my game at the last ABG session. I'd love to play it again tomorrow, along with Coimbra or any other new stuff. I'll bring Key Flow and Tokyo Metro. I plan on being there from 1-6.
2/8/2019 3:56:50 PM
Gaming, 2/9 I'll be there between 1 and 6. I'd love to play Teotihuacan. I'm also up for any of the other new games.
2/22/2019 2:35:29 PM
Gaming, 2/23 No worries about your potential cold, John. Breathing is overrated. So I'll be there from 1 to 6. I'd love to keep on playing the new games: Teotihuacan, Newton, Coimbra, or Key Flow. I'm also up for trying any other new titles. See everyone tomorrow!
3/22/2019 6:55:14 PM
3/23 gaming! Are you game for spring? Tomorrow is Sheryl's birthday, so I won't be attending. Everyone have fun and I hope to see you next time.
6/7/2019 2:07:00 PM
June 8th, second Saturday, gaming is on! I shall be returning to ABG on Saturday, after an extended stay on the injured list. I'm up for just about anything, with newer games, as usual, being preferred. I've only played a half game of Wingspan and it seemed decent, so I wouldn't mind playing that if a copy is brought. See everyone then!
6/21/2019 3:08:52 PM
4th Saturday, June 22 gaming is on! I'll be there between 1-7 PM. Always up for new stuff, as well as relatively new games, like Coimbra, Newton, or Teotihuacan, assuming that they're available. See everybody tomorrow!
7/12/2019 1:10:04 PM
July 13th - A lucky day of gaming? Any day with boardgaming is a lucky day! I'll be there, from 1 PM to 7 PM or so. I'll be happy with playing any of the newer stuff. Maybe I should give Wingspan a real try (I've only played about one third of a game). Anybody have anything that's fresh off the boat?
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