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Larry L. - all messages by user

8/21/2015 2:12:52 PM
8/22 - the game is the thing I'll be there at 1 PM. Everyone is bringing the new games I own, so I don't gotta bring nothin'. Cool! I'm definitely up for MP, La Granja, or Five Tribes. Maybe Baseball Highlights if Chris can drag me into this crazy league thing. Probably not Super Motherload (I'm pretty bad at deckbuilding), although I guess I could be talked into it. Definitely not Kraftwagen (it's not dull, Chris, it's just not very good!). Plus any other newish shtuff that folks bring. See ya there!
9/11/2015 11:40:51 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, oh yeah! I'll be there at 1 PM, but I'll probably have to leave before dinner. A Castles of Burgundy expansion sounds like fun, as does yet more games of Marco Polo and any other newish stuff folks have.
9/25/2015 3:46:09 PM
Will the be ABG Gaming this Saturday? Unfortunately, won't be able to make it. Y'all have fun!
10/23/2015 3:32:08 PM
Fourth Saturday of OCT, spoooooooky gaming Mets have already clinched their World Series berth, so I will be there! It's possible that I'll be a little late, but I'll try to show up at 1 PM. I'd be willing to try out 20th Century Limited and any other new games that folks bring.
11/27/2015 10:37:02 PM
Thanksgivingish Gaming 11/27 - On! I am very thankful to be able to make it tomorrow! And to show my gratitude, I shall arrive bearing new games: Ships, Martin Wallace's latest; Guns & Steel, a 60 minute civ card game; and the expansion to Marco Polo, with four new characters! I'd also love to try out Among Nobles and whatever new stuff others bring. See you tomorrow, turkeys!
11/28/2015 11:48:30 AM
Thanksgivingish Gaming 11/27 - On! Looks like I'll be showing up a little late, maybe between 2-3 PM. See you all then.
12/10/2015 7:50:47 PM
Gaming for 12/12 I plan to be there at 1 PM sharp. I will once again have Guns & Steel, Ships, and the Marco Polo expansion (4 new characters!). I definitely would like to play Mombasa and Steam Time. Fields of Arle would be fun to try on the off-chance there's a 2-player game. And if there's time, the new Through the Ages would be fantastic! TOO MANY GAMES!!!!

(I also promise not to punch Marvin in the nose again.)
1/4/2016 11:48:53 PM
First Second Saturday of 2016! I'll be there at 1 PM. Anything new works for me! Might be a good week to try out the new Through the Ages. I will once again be bringing Guns & Steel, the expansion characters for Marco Polo, and Ships (I got to play Ships last week and it played much faster than our first game). See everybody there!
1/20/2016 11:42:17 AM
4th Saturday gaming, 1/23 If we get the amount of snow that's projected, I definitely won't be showing up. If Mother Nature is kinder to us, then yes, I'll be there. Assuming we do get Snowmageddon, is there any possibility you might choose to host on Saturday the 30th instead, John?
2/12/2016 3:43:02 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, 2/13 Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it, but my good friend Phil Bauer will be showing up around 1 PM to make his ABG debut. I'd ask you to treat him as nicely as you do me, but that would probably scar him for life! Hope you guys have a great time!
2/25/2016 5:47:18 PM
4th Saturday gaming - Feb 27th Prezcon, schmezcon! We don't like any of the presidential candidates anyway! I'll be there at 1 PM, ready to do some high quality gaming! As usual, I'll be up for anything new.
2/26/2016 11:22:29 AM
4th Saturday gaming - Feb 27th Always happy to venture into Deepest Darkest Africa for a game of Mombasa, Bob. It's one of my favorites from last year. I played Nippon once before and liked it quite a bit, so I'd definitely be up for a game of that. I'd also like to try out German Railroads, even though I'm barely competent at the original game set in Mother Russia.

I'll be bringing my usual assortment of Ships, Guns & Steel, and the expansion characters for Marco Polo and would be happy to teach any of them.
2/26/2016 4:12:05 PM
4th Saturday gaming - Feb 27th Brad, I look forward to meeting you. I've been trying to get to play Golden Ages for over a year, so I'd be very interested in getting to play it! If you wouldn't mind, I'd like our first game to be without any expansions, unless you think one of them is really essential, just to have a better idea of what the basics of play are. But let's see what everyone in the game would like to do.
3/8/2016 9:24:38 PM
Spring approaches, time for some gaming! 3-12 I should be there, starting at 1 PM. I'm up for Mombasa, German Railroads, or anything else new, as usual. If someone has a new game they'd like to try that they haven't read the rules for, let me know and I'll see if I can peruse the online rules before Saturday.
3/10/2016 12:13:44 PM
Spring approaches, time for some gaming! 3-12 I'm very fond of Glen More, John, and it's easy to teach. It's also much better than Kraftwagen! (IMO, of course.) I'll review the rules so that I'll be ready to teach it. Do you own the game or do you need me to bring my copy?
3/25/2016 11:45:31 AM
Fourth Saturday gaming, 3/26 Family is visiting this weekend so sadly, I will not be able to make it. Even more tragic, between the Gathering, dealing with the new RV, and the beach holiday, it may be a while before I see y'all. Try to have fun without me (it'll be tough, I know) and pay John lots of surcharges so that things will be free by the time I show up again.
5/13/2016 9:23:54 AM
Board games, May 14 I will be there at 1 PM, to sneak in some gaming before you guys run away to the beach! I will be bringing my new post-Gathering purchases: Grand Austria Hotel; Dynasties (the new Cramer game, not the Nations expansion); and the Castles of Burgundy card game. I'll be happy to teach any of those (although it sounds as if many of you are familiar with GAH). See y'all there!
6/10/2016 12:27:21 PM
Gaming, 6/11 - On! I'll be there at 1 PM. I'm happy to make room for others at the FCM table, as it seems to be too much game for my abilities. This means, Phil, that we'll REALLY have to make the attempt to get in a game together! I'll bring my newish acquisitions: Grand Austria Hotel, Dynasties, and Castles of Burgundy card game. I'm also willing to try out Gold West and would give Golden Ages another shot, particularly if we play with the expansion. See y'all there!
6/21/2016 10:53:38 PM
Summer gaming - 6-25 I'll be there at 1 PM. I'll bring my usual trio of newish games (Grand Austria Hotel, Dynasties, and Castles of Burgundy card game). One game I'd like to try is Porta Nigra; if anyone owns it, I'd appreciate it if they brought it. Another possibility is German Railroads, which I've yet to play. See y'all there!
6/30/2016 11:25:22 PM
July 4th Gaming I should be there at 1 PM with my usual stuff. If someone could bring Porta Nigra, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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