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chrisbrandt - all messages by user

6/11/2016 11:12:51 AM
Gaming, 6/11 - On! Change of plans. I'll be there and would like to learn Food Chain Magnate... since this will be my FIRST and LAST chance to every play it. Big Grin

6/24/2016 1:53:07 PM
Summer gaming - 6-25 I'm a probable. I like any of Brad's suggestions. I'd also like another crack at Dynasties and Grand Austria hotel. And, just to seem crazy, I'll bring Nippon.
I have also had a hankerin' to play Dungeon Lords recently.
7/1/2016 9:55:44 AM
July 4th Gaming It turns out I'll be there after all. I'm just crazy unpredictable that way. I WOULD like to play Dungeon Lords if we can get four. Other than that, I'm up for just about anything except Russian Railroads, German Railroads, Formula De, The Grizzled, Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, Praetor, and Manhattan project with five people... although I'd gladly play with less than five... I'm flexible, too.
7/8/2016 8:14:29 AM
The gaming onslaught continues, 7/9/16 As it turns out... I will not be there.
... I MIGHT be able to get out in the evening for a game... we'll see.
7/20/2016 11:38:45 AM
Fourth Saturday gaming - 7/23 I'll be there. Hoping to hang out a bit later this week. Would like to get another crack at London and Nippon... I'll bring them.
...or most anything else, except for my standard list of undesireables.
8/12/2016 12:29:19 PM
Cool gaming, in spirit if not temperature. 8/13 Looks like I'll have to work. That bugs me because I have Kraftwagen and would like to play it, even though Larry says it's a bad game and SPIELBOX calls it bland. Chris
8/24/2016 4:04:47 PM
August 27th - 4th Saturday gaming I'm sorry but I'll miss it again!
It's killin' me!
9/7/2016 12:49:14 PM
WashingCon Younger people!?!?! Like in their 50's?
Nut Kick
9/9/2016 11:04:32 AM
Gaming 9/10 - Last summer game day! I'm glad Larry will get his Cult of the New fix!!! I'll be there at 1, probably stay until around dinner time, when I have no doubt that Leenie will be fixing something for dinner that I will not be able to resist.
All of those games sound good to me. I've played Dilluvia Project twice and enjoyed it and am really interested in learning the others. I also played Port Royal Wednesday and agree with Larry, it's lighter but it requires some thought. Our game was also VERY close with Larry beating Ben B in a tiebreaker on a Hail Mary final turn and with me a point behind.

If there's a way we can get Vast to the table, that would be cool too. :P

9/9/2016 12:55:34 PM
Gaming 9/10 - Last summer game day! ALSO... John, what was that Geeklist you were reading? We talked about it the other day and I also found the list of games appealing. I'd like to check it out.
9/12/2016 11:41:54 AM
Gaming 9/10 - Last summer game day! Many thanks to Larry for teaching both Loop, Inc. Playing Loop made me think I was going back to 1999, enjoying the cult of the new game, Stephenson's Rocket. ...and Larry was teaching that one, too!
9/23/2016 12:25:07 PM
9/24 gaming I'll be there, probably for one game, at 1 PM. I would like that game to be Terraforming Mars or Mombasa... I don't have Terraforming Mars, though. I can bring Mombasa if needed, but I think John has it.
10/8/2016 11:24:44 AM
An early october game day, 10/8 I'll be there around 1. Probably up for anything except Formula De.
10/18/2016 12:46:37 PM
10/22 gaming I don't think I'm going to be able to make it this week. MAYBE one quick game starting right at 1 PM but it's a date night and if I make us late, well...
11/26/2016 8:34:56 AM
Gaming to give thanks for, Nov 26th I'm out today. Don't feel well and don't want to make anyone sick.
12/1/2016 3:14:01 PM
2nd Saturday gaming, DEC 10 Ouch! I will have to miss two ABG Saturdays in a row as I'm heading down to FL to help my daughter out that day. I WILL be back, though!
12/1/2016 3:15:54 PM
Christmas Eve Gaming I don't know if I'll make it until closer to the date, but am definitely interested. Considering it will stress me out too much to miss THREE ABG Saturdays in a row, I think I'll be able to coerce my way into a game day that day!
12/19/2016 10:33:02 AM
Christmas Eve Gaming I'll be there at 1 but need to leave before Leenie serves dinner! I'd like to try Great Western Trail, or anything, really.
1/10/2017 2:20:01 PM
Long awaited 2017 gaming 1-14 I want to do some gaming and would like to play Dynasties, GWT, Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Steam Time, Egizia... pretty much anything but Formula De! I'll be there at 1.
1/12/2017 6:17:42 AM
Long awaited 2017 gaming 1-14 egill wrote:
I plan to be there. Recently got Vinhos Deluxe Edition (2016). Any interest?

I would be interested. I've played the original, but would need a rules update on the new stuff and a refresher.

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